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Home is Vip Investment Company online that help manages investors funds and pay the investors an interest after the end of the investment period.Customer can easily choose from the listed Investment Plans below.

How does this work?

  • We use your money on Forex trading and help grow it within a short period of time and invest in stock market, oil companies,businesses etc
  • We ensure good security by using technical analysis in our trading Platforms
  • We are in full control of your investments. We take actions and ensures that we make profits from your trading. We have of experience in Forex Trading investment and financial services field.
  • Due to the profits and technical trading of our investors funds and  high return nature of our investments, we are able to offer our clients a high-returning safe investment

We pride ourselves on offering a professional service and are always 80% accountable for our client’s funds and thriving to be the best investment program online. We enjoy a reputation built on excellent quality of service and a solid record.

Investment Plans List

2000% of your Investment after one hour
Min Deposit: $200 – Max- $3,000
Total interest of 2000% will be paid after one hour

3000% of your Investment after one hour
Min Deposit: $3,001 – Max -$9999
Total interest of 2500% will be paid after one hour

4000% of your Investment after one hour
Min Deposit: $10,000 – Max- $39,999
Total interest of 3500% will be paid after one hour

5000% of your Investment after one hour
Min Deposit: $40,000 – Max- $200,000
Total interest of 5000% will be paid after one hour

Referral Program- GET 10% Referrer Bonus Program participation is available to any individual, who is over 18 years of age and has a reliable Internet access. To start, You have to read the Rules and Agreement investment on our website. We assure you that you will get exceptional service and customer support.

You can go to the Investment Page above and Invest and please make sure you read our Disclaimer .


Bitcoin Hyip hourly Paying News

Second largest bank in Japan to launch institutional Bitcoin and cryptocurrency custody services, The Payeer min deposit reduced to $100 for small investors today, May 23th 2022 

New Bitcoin Payment Added on today and some old proofs were deleted by system, May 14th 2022

Since the BTC price has dropped by $5000 and is close to $35000, our minimum investment amount has been increased to 0.01 BTC, May 6th 2022

Our program listed on Top 10 HYIPs, Ranked #10 on, April 26th 2022

Bitstamp now requires users to provide info like nationality, place of birth and tax residency, in addition to documents proving the origin of crypto and the annual income. A new Bitcoin Payment Proof added, April 15th 2022

New Bitcoin Payment Added on today and some old proofs were deleted by system, March 24th 2022

Our company has been in operation for nine years and is getting stronger and stronger. In order to give back to our members, we have increased the return on investment by 500%. The return rate of the BRONZE plan has reached 2000%. Investors only need to invest $200. Get $4000 in return. March 16th 2022 

New Perfect Money Payment Proof added on March 4th 2022

Our min deposit raised to $200 and 0.005 bitcoin on February 14th 2022

New Bitcoin Payment Added on February 4th 2022

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex stops serving Ontario customers, asking users to withdraw funds, January 17th 2022

New Bitcoin Payment Added on December 28th 2021

Merry Christmas and Happy 2022 Years! December 25th 2021.

Crypto Exchange Bit Mart hacked; Almost $ 200 million reported lost,we spent $20,000 to upgrade the wallet, which can better protect our cryptocurrency wallet today. December 10th 2021

New Bitcoin Payment Added on November 29th 2021

Our invest page used a new bitcoin address for accpet investors deposit, the min deposit reduced to 0.003 btc for bitcoin investors, November 1st 2021 

The GFSC-approved Jacobi Bitcoin ETF is a cryptocurrency-based crypto financial instrument backed by Bitcoin Escrow provided by Fidelity Digital Assets. Jacobi Asset Management, a London-based multi-asset investment platform, received approval from the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC) to launch a Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded fund (ETF). October 17th 2021