One Hour Investing

Return In One Hour-

Referrer Program

Our Referrer program, you get 10% of the person’s investment that you bring to our program.

How to refer a customer?

You must have tested our program and be satisfied before bringing a customer to our program.
To bring a customer, kindly tell the customer that you are referring to indicate your E-currency account number in the Deposit memo as a referrer when he or she is depositing in our program.

If you the refer do not have a E-currency and you invested and later brought or refer a customer to our program, you tell the person to indicate in his or E-currency your email address so we can contact you and pay you your interest.

If both the referrer and the investor both do not have a E-currency and the person you are referring wants to deposit , he or she should contact us by email  specifying the person who referred him or her.